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Welcome to Jo's Dreams!

EVERY Jo's Dreams Team Member MATTERS!

I'm Melissa Olsheski, your Mary Kay Sales Director!

As an important part of our unit, you will receive support and recognition every step of the way. It is my ambition to create an environment of growth and positive energy leading you to prosper both personally, and in your Mary Kay business.


Proud Grand Achiever Unit!


2021 Truck Team Goals

April Unit Goal

15 Selling Appointments

15 Career Chats

5 Spark Achievers

5 NEW Unit Members

2 Recruiters

$8,000 whs Unit Production

Every Month our Power Unit is looking for...

20 Women Who Could USE $210 EVERY 2 Weeks!

Our 2021 Seminar Unit Goals

Double Up in 2021

1/2 Million Circle Of Achievement

150+ Unit Members

5+ Offspring Sales Directors

5+ New Car Drivers

10th Unit Career Car (2nd Pink Cadillac!)

We are continuing to grow into our future "Living The Dream" National Area!