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Party Tips & Tricks


Booking Tips:

Scripts - from Julie Potts & Cathy Littlejohn

Hostess Packet Contents: You'll need to print: Tale of 2 Hostesses and Hostess Rewards and order the rest from Mary Kay In-Touch - This is what Melissa includes in her hostess packets... feel free to print and use these! She also sends out postcards to remind her hostess!

Warm Chatter Samples: Facial Cleansing Cloth Samples - Get a pack of the Cleansing Cloths and cut them in half. Then, put them in a cute bag with these instructions and keep them with you! Next time you are out warm chattering, offer your potential a sample!

Do you want 100 Leads in a week? Click HERE for the information and click HERE for the survey Scavenger Hunt

Party Tips/Tools:

Compact Tic-Tac-Toe Referral Game - Get TONS of referrals at your parties, plus, your customers will LOVE all of the color cosmetics!

Silent Hostess Game--Place the attached flier on the outside of a large manilla envelope with 10 sales tickets inside along with a look book. Give her 3-4 days to get in filled up and come back to pick it up. Make up several and take everywhere..parties, reorders, etc. This is perfect for women who work with LOTS of other women!

Melissa's Recruiting Packet

Sharing Tools

Holiday Tips & Flyers: