Calendar of Upcoming Events & Happenings


Pretty in Pink Studio meetings starting at 7 pm sharp now!

Jan. 21: 7:00 pm Clearing my Space

Jan. 28: Clearing my Time

Feb, 4: Clearing my Body

Feb. 7-9   Feel the Power

Feb. 7            9:30am-1:15pm    Director & Red Jacket Meeting in Sarasota

                                                                 Part 2: STREAMLINING

Feb. 11:  Streamlining my Systems

Feb. 18: Streamlining my Business Practices/Areas of Focus

Feb. 25: Streamlining my Vision

March 3: Streamlining my Goals

March 7        9:30am-1:15pm     Director & Red Jacket Meeting in Sarasota

                                                                   Part 3: RECEIVING

March 10: Receiving New Relationships & Positions

March 17: Receiving New Understandings, Ideas & Information

March 24: Receiving New Expectations of Self

March 27-28: Orlando Career Conference

March 31: Receiving All of God's Blessings (The Fruits of our Labor) & Career Conference Takeaways