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Welcome to "Jo's Dreams"! ...

... Your God-Driven, Spirit-Inspiring, Work-Focused, Positively-Influencing, High-Achieving, Grateful and Gracious, Purpose-Filled, TEAM of Life-Giving... Sister Mary Kay Beauty Consultants!

We are a "Grand Achiever" Unit, and YOU are MEANT to be part of this awesome team.... YOU MATTER!

I am so excited to have you as part of "Jo's Dreams" and I know that there are no coincidences... as a new Beauty Consultant, you have touched the life of your recruiter and director as you will touch the lives of all the customers and team members you bring into this business. Your recruiter has introduced you to Mary Kay for a reason you may not even know yet. But one thing is for certain... God has prepared you and Mary Kay for this relationship and I am HONORED to be your Sales Director!

I am here to do all I can to teach, motivate and encourage you to be the BEST Beauty Consultant you can be. The rest is up to you! In Mary Kay you are in business FOR yourself but never BY yourself. Listen to your Director, learn all you can and WORK! If you do these three things, you can TRULY have everything you'd ever want from this business... things you've never even pictured before.

Live and work by Faith... love yourself and others by Grace... and KNOW you deserve all of God's blessings and plans for you. I'm excited that Mary Kay is part of that plan.