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A letter from Melissa...

So who is "Jo" and what are her "Dreams"?

Josephine Mary Ferro Formichelli is my mom who passed away on September 8, 2000.

She was a life and love-filled woman of faith. She was a devoted wife, mother and friend. She was a woman of integrity. She was incredibly fun and hilariously funny. She was spunky and fiery. She was determined and stubborn. She was beautiful in every way and had a heart bigger than anyone's I've ever met. She loved people and nurtured her family of relatives and strangers. She was welcoming and hospitable and put others before herself. She brought joy to everyone she came in contact with. She was spirited, positive and encouraging, even in her 6-year struggle with breast cancer. She is my inspiration and my PURPOSE in Mary Kay.

During the Mary Kay Fall Retreat in 2008 I found myself deeply reflecting upon this question... "What in the world am I REALLY doing with this whole 'Mary Kay thing'?". I thought, "Mom would have loved this trip and this company... everything about it... the women, the energy, the fellowship, the fun, the makeup, the jewelry, the friends, the family-values, the support structure and most importantly she would have loved to do this with me... THIS would have been a dream of hers.". And in that moment, I KNEW I was meant to have longevity in this company. I instantly named my future unit "Jo's Dreams", and I made a DECISION to go to work. I became a Sales Director 13 months later.

My mom and Mary Kay herself were much alike. And being part of this amazing company helps me be the type of woman God meant for me to be... a woman who can bring hope, love and prosperity to others in the same way my mom brought inspiration to me and all those she touched.

This company is about so much more than just lipstick... it is about making dreams come true.

So I truly hope you find your Mary Kay journey as fulfilling as I find mine. Find your meaning and purpose and let Mary Kay help facilitate that purpose toward others. You are part of something bigger than yourself and I pray that you and your business will flourish to its greatest potential.

Blessings now and always,